Environment Monitoring System (EMS) is design to do monitoring, collect data and alert management on
Electricity Maximum Demand Monitoring and Load Profiling
Electrical parameters (3 phase voltage, currents, phase imbalance, power factor – pf, power fail)
Temperature (room, server rack, air-condition, chilled water, motors, transformers)
Water level, flow rate, pH level, ozone level, nitrates level
Equipment on, off and trip status (Generator set, UPS, Lift, Fire Alarm panels, Air Cond, Chillers, water pump)
Alarms from water detection, fire alarm panels, security alarm, electrical ACB, VCB trip
And many other equipment and facilities can integrate with it. For example Fluke test equipment and others.
This system has some common function as Building Automation System (BAS) and Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. It is a more cost effective solutions then both BAS and SCADA, and suitable for client want the solutions with lower entry investment.

EMS is design to utilize in many different environment eg. Factories (small or big), Hotels, Shopping Malls, Universities, Farms, Aquariums and many more.